Grower's Program


Our signature Grower's Program is currently active with the recently released Gen 6 Core Grow Lights. Eligible participants can join now by purchasing any of the Gen 6 Core Grow Lights, which includes:








The scope of the program is to ultimately raise awareness and confidence in our brand and products through growers showcasing their progress and results with our grow lights, and to reward them for their efforts. We choose the carrot on the stick method, as we've concluded from the past that feeding the carrot initially doesn't always lead to desired results.



Here's an example of how the program works out for all parties:

#1) Participant notifies us via that they would like to join the program, followed by them purchasing any of the Gen 6 Grow Lights. 

#2) Once the participant receives their grow light(s), they'll likely begin growing soon after. During this phase, from seedling to harvest, we urge participants to share their step-by-step experience through photos, videos, etc., through social media outlets such as youtube, instagram, and popular forums. We understand that not everyone is open to such a public approach, and so we encourage direct feedback that we're able to publicly share on our end. (Tip: the more data and material, the better)

#3) After completing step #2, the efforts of the participant are analyzed and reviewed on our end to verify that there was indeed effort made and to what exact degree; if they did a terrific job, they'll likely obtain the highest reward. On the other hand, if the participant barely fulfills their obligations as a grower in the program, they'll likely receive the minimum reward, with the possibility of no reward.



The reward for participants is a credit of 5~25% of what they spent entering the program. This means if a grower initially purchased x4 Mothership+ units at a price of 1,000$ per unit in conjunction of entering the program, that they would be eligible for being credited 400~1,000$ back once all the above steps had been completed. Heaven Bright, Inc. reserves the right to grant no rewards when there is probable cause not to. We want to push and promote this program as much as possible because we believe it's the best way to encourage new growers and old growers alike to try something different and to enjoy it. We'll likely keep the program going for each of our newest grow lights throughout the future. There will likely be points where we have so much feedback on a given product that we no longer offer the program for future applicants or at least a reduction of reward potential.


If you have a question regarding this program or anything relating to it, please contact us at